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About Datalight

Datalight develops, markets, and supports software that makes devices that run the world more reliable, responsive and cost-effective. Since 1992 Datalight has produced both a file system and a FTL flash driver, giving us an in-depth understanding of technologies used in the flash controller as well as file system technology.


"We build car infotainment systems. If the filesystem breaks, the system shuts down and the driver is left in the dark. We test to the extreme and found out that Datalight's Reliance Filesystem, never breaks! Very re-assuring in a competitive market. Well Done!"

-Anonymous leader in fleet management systems-


The most robust DOS available to serve the embedded marketplace, ROM-DOS enables current desktop hardware in legacy implementations. ROM-DOS continues to have backward compatibility build options, and is the fastest way to connect an embedded system to the Internet.

OEMs are now able to take advantage of large disk drives and Long File Names with ROM-DOS 7.1. With as little as a 186 CPU, a small amount of RAM and flash memory or other non-volatile storage, OEMs can create a low cost system in no time.

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