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What's new in MDK

  • ARM® Keil® MDK is the industry-leading standard software development solution for ARM Cortex® microcontrollers. In the latest release, MDK v5.22 several significant features are added that are summarized with useful information in this news article.

Updated Keil Device Family Packs for Atmel, NXP, and ST

  • For MDK Version 5 additional software components and support for microcontroller devices is provided by Software Packs. DFP (Device Family Pack) indicates that a Software Pack contains support for microcontroller devices. The Software Packs have been updated with latest software and device support.

Keil MCB54110 Evaluation Board for NXP LCP54000 series

  • ARM today announced the availability of the Keil MCB54110 Evaluation Board for the NXP LPC54000 microcontroller series that is based on the high-performance ARM® Cortex®-M4 core, with optional Cortex-M0+ co-processor for efficient software partitioning.

TouchGFX 4.7.0

  • TouchGFX is all about utilizing resources to the max while giving you freedom to create anything. TouchGFX 4.7.0 makes it easier for you to do just that! Optimized performance and brand new features help you create innovative and unique products with a high-end look and feel.

Eldes: Secure Control for Safe Households with TouchGFX

  • Eldes is a respected global manufacturer of home security and automation solutions. With an innovative and user-centric approach, the company creates revolutionizing products that set new standards for home security systems worldwide. In 2015, Eldes began development of what would be the first touch based wireless and battery driven control pad on the market.